Planting Tips

Dig a hole about 4 times larger than the root ball of the palm to be planted and work in at least half a bag of animal manure or compost.
Cover the compost with a layer of soil so that the roots will not be in direct contact.
Knock the palm out of its pot and without disturbing the roots, place it into the prepared hole with the base of the palm just below the surface.
Once planted and watered in, the area should be covered with mulch to retain moisture.

Group Planting

Cocos or other palms in groups of 3,4 or more, spaced 1 to 2 metres apart, look really spectacular and give a more tropical effect.
Palms suited to group plantings include;
Cocos, Alexandra, Bangalow, Kentia, Cotton,
Australian Ribbon (weeping cabbage), Cabbage Tree,
Chinese Fan, Footstool, Bamboo, Cascade, Metalic,
Pacaya (Tepejilote) and Parlour.
Most large wide palms (ie Canary Island Date, Jelly etc) do not lend themselves to group plantings and are best planted on their own.